A Multi-Faceted Artistic Creation in a Round Book!

Brings Children and Adults Closer to the World of the Bible
Through an Enriching and Experiential Journey of Learning


Gold Edition(Limited)

Gold Edition - The Creation Story book

» Limited Edition (356 books)
» Signed by Mirik Snir and Sonia
» Round book in elegant gold packaging
» 176 double pages of art at its best
» Creation story original text (In Hebrew)
» Unique textual design
» Many more surprises for the reader!

Price: $150
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Silver Edition

Silver Edition - The Creation Story book

» Round book in elegant silver packaging
» 176 double pages of art at its best
» Creation story original text (In Hebrew)
» Unique textual design
» Many more surprises for the reader!

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Price: $80
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The book BERESHIT BARA tells the Biblical story of the Creation of the World in its original language, with a new and fascinating approach.  Readers of all ages are invited to open intriguing windows and take an active part in the creation through reading.  BERESHIT BARA is beautifully illustrated; prompting readers of all ages to fall in love with the Book of Books, making it once again a book that's alive - a book for life.

The most original and complete gift- from birth to old age

The story of the six days of Creation and the Sabbath is told in a round book overflowing with color, windows full of surprises and visual innovations.  The book is the fruit of the work of a devoted team, who invested more than twenty years in its making.  BERESHIT BARA will delight children, parents and grandparents, and is sure to inspire educators as well.  It offers a wonderful way to implant the love for the bible from a young age - an enthralling and unforgettable gift.

An exclusive addition to the family collection of artworks and books

The book BERESHIT BARA is a packed full treasure, a well that you return to again and again, each time discovering something new. The unique phonetic design, the ring of gold and silver, the cut out windows and the bits of poetry and ancient wisdom - it all comes together, transforming the story of Creation into a deep and meaningful experience that could influence generations to come.

BERESHIT BARA brings children closer to the world of the bible through an enriching and experiential journey of learning, a multi-faceted artistic creation in a round book!
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This is so extremely beautiful. These colors - this blue! and the shape of this work - never have seen a book in this shape. it is like the moon - one of the greater lights - that God created!!"


"Kol hakavod on a very special book that illuminates Torah, Midrash, and the imagination. We treasure your great contribution to children's literature!!!"
Shira Robin